Time to Make a Wish

Those of you who know me know that my new year is in September. I think that January 1st is arbitrary, and choose to instead focus on who I am and the years that I've lived. It wasn't really a conscious choice, but being born in early September, my birthday was always around the first day of school, and often the High Holy Days, maybe it’s my synesthesia (I understand time as distance and distance as time, it’s confusing, but kinda cool. I can also smell and taste sounds. That one’s weird) , who knows, but for whatever reason, I’ve always felt like September was the beginning of the year.

What It Means To Be Broken

I'm choosing to let my life be ruled by love, and not fear, because what do I really have to be afraid of? I'm freeing myself up to be open, honest, and authentic without fear of judgement. I'm letting go of that which does not serve me, including overthinking, unhealthy obligation, and caring what others think of me. I'm granting myself permission to take a step back and truly begin to process everything that's happened. 

"What if I get hurt?" "What if it's worth it?"

Vulnerability. Gross.

I'm gonna spoil the end of this post by just saying up front, it will almost always be worth it. Even if you don't get what you want, even if things don't go how you'd planned, in my experience, trying to connect with someone will (almost) always be worth it. If nothing else, you'll learn something about yourself, and maybe have a cool story to tell. 

I mean, who are you really?

Sometimes, it feels like I'm trapped in a narrative that doesn't quite feel like mine, and let me tell you that its exhausting trying to live up to an idealized version of yourself. To feel like I need to justify my decisions and behaviors because they're "not characteristic of me", or to feel pressure to explain myself to people because who I actually am doesn't quite fit their understanding of who I should be? Exhausting!