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#the100dayproject: This is hard y'all.

#the100dayproject: This is hard y'all.

Okay, so I haven't exactly been MIA on this.

50 days ago I decided to take on the 100 Day Project. It's basically an artistic endeavor where you choose something creative to do every day for 100 days. I decided that I would write 100 words everyday for 100 days. And y'all, it's been way harder than I expected it to be. 

It's also been a busy 6 weeks...

My original plan:

To write my 100 words each day, post my photo, and post a weekly reflection on the process on the blog. 

What's actually happening:

I'm struggling to write the words. 
The photos are arbitrary at best, and I have 2 sentences of a week 3 update.

But here's how it's going: 
I'm really enjoying it. I've broken the process up in a new way. As I live my day I'm more mindful of each moment. I think about what moments mean to me, what they represent. At the end of my day, I choose my word. Usually it's simple. Sometimes it's not even a though or consideration. I just know.

It's been a mix between posting the words as the caption, and sitting down and writing them for the blog in the morning. 

Honest Moment:

I sort of regret the whole 100 words thing. Its kind of unnecessary, and makes this harder. But I also love it. I love the structure. I love the encouragement to add more words, or to determine which ones are potentially extraneous. I'm having a really hard time with this project, but I feel really good about it, and I want to see it through.

Going forward:

We're about 1/2 way through, and the first 49 posts live here on this page. Most recent at the top with the photos at the bottom.

For the next 9 weeks, my plan is to have the last 7 posts go out in the Monday email. 

Fridays should return to normal soon. I'm still anxious. Honestly even more so these days. Let's talk soon, K?


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But, it's not that easy...

But, it's not that easy...

launguage, grammar, and other stress-y things [on perfection]

launguage, grammar, and other stress-y things [on perfection]