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A Not Entirely Ironic Gift Guide

A Not Entirely Ironic Gift Guide

Y'all, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on the Thanksgiving/Black Friday situation (spoiler alert, I also have a lot of thoughts on colonialism and capitalism) but that's a different conversation for a different day.

As a 20-something with a blog, who is also a very regular blog reader, I'm getting the impression that one of my main tasks this season is to create a "Gift Guide".  In case you're somehow not familiar, gift guides are literally exactly what they sound like, a page of links to online stores. They're usually themed: "Gift ideas for your dad!" "Gifts your best friend will love!" "Great gifts for your grandmother's mail man!" Now, it may seem like there's a gift guide out there for every subset of human or niche market you could imagine, but I've discovered that there are a few people that regularly are left out of all available gift guide. Introducing: 

The Absolutely-Not-at-All-Ironic-Guide-to-Giving-Gifts-to-People-Who-Seem-to-Be-Left-Out-Of-Every-Other-Gift-Guide

*None of these links are affiliate links. Amazon and Gap have no clue who I am, aside from the fact that I give them ridiculous amounts of money on a way too regular basis. 

Your Favorite Busy Person With A Long Commute

Now, this is an actual endorsement for this product. I will be the first to raise my hand and self identify as someone who seems to have trouble with making sure that liquids end up in my mouth not on my face or clothing. I also regularly have so much going on that I'll make a cup of tea, and not actually have time to drink it for anywhere from 0-90 hours.  

All travel mugs are not created equal, and this one is kind of a game changer. It's designed for one-handed drinking (it has a push button spout action situation), and the lid also twists to lock the button in place so that you can toss it in a bag and not have to worry about leaks or spills. That's right friends: IT'S SPILL PROOF! 

Warning: This mug is VERY insulated. I have burned my face too many times because i made a cup of tea and put the lid on before leaving home, only to arrive somewhere and sip my hours old beverage to still have it be piping hot. 

This Leak Proof, Spill Proof, Insulated Tumbler is also a great gift for You Favorite Lover of Hot Beverages, Your Favorite Travel Mug Enthusiast, or You!

Your Favorite Freeloader

(aka That Friend That Will Go Out of Their Way For a Free Meal )

Now, I understand that the term freeloader is quite, well, loaded, but hear me out. I don't mean this in a negative way. I don't actually think that the individual act of freeloading is bad when done tactfully, respectfully, and in moderation. If you're at a lunch and there are tons of leftovers, free dinner is a no-brainer! If you're punching babies or lying to get samples, maybe we've gone too far and need to take a step back,

But whatever food acquiry situation your friend finds them self in, this Collapsible Tupperware  set will allow them to save space and always have their own to-go container on their person. No more awkward napkins stapled to plates, leaky used saran wrap, or amorphous liquid foods in ziploc bags. Apparently, when the tupperware is fully collapsed, it's about the size of a paperback book, and will theoretically fit in a (dude's) pocket. Then, when it becomes apparent that a to go meal is an option, whip out your container, pop it open and let those around you revel in your forethought and preparedness. Friends, we're officially living in the future. 


For Your Favorite Man-Spreader

Speaking of long commutes... two fashion trends that seem to have converged are the skinny jean and the stretch jean. So,in this new world where pants that look like denim feel like leggings, it makes sense that your legs would just go everywhere against your will. As someone who doesn't actually wear real pants, I absolutely understand. When the fabric of your pants is so forgiving, it takes effort and energy to mind the space that you're taking up, which in many situations is no problem. However, when your knees are flopped so far apart that you're taking up the better part of 3 seats on a bus or train during rush hour, we've got to do something about that.

 Did you know that Gap still has a line of 100% Denim No Stretch Jeans For Men? They look stylish AND basically hold your legs in place for you. #winwin Look at the guy in the picture. He can't even lift his foot to the wall to complete his cool guy pose! 

NOTE: I personally have not used this product, but the reviews seem pretty positive. 


For Your Super Practical Friend That's Just A Little Bit Extra

You know the friend who always has to take things one step further than you asked? Maybe you say, "Let's have Brunch!" You were thinking an egg or two, maybe some toast. They show up with an 80 course meal. We all have that friend. Or ARE that friend. I AM that friend. Honestly, being extra is kind of the best, and I hope that you try it some day.

This Gold Handled Initial Mug is actually straight off of my Amazon Wishlist. If you drink hot beverages, you probably us a mug occasionally. My favorite thing about this one is that it started out as a basic white mug. Simple. Then they added an initial. Lowercase. Script. Classy.  Then they just dipped the whole handle in gold paint. Extra. See. One step further, but never too far. 

NOTE: Currently available only in L, A, B, M. Sorry to literally everyone else. But I'd like a "B" one so...

For Your Favorite Overworked Friend or Co-Worker

The perfect gift for that person in your life that simply does too much (not to be confused with doing the most see above*).  Why not give them a gift that acknowledges a phenomenon that's all too common and all too ignored? Personally, my favorite way to acknowledge things that are true, awful, and out of my control is through humor and beverages. I firmly believe that if you can't change a circumstance that's making things difficult for you, you should acknowledge it, laugh at the absurdity of it, and then let anyone that will listen know that you're not happy about it. The last step is clearly optional, but this mug will make it a little easier. 

You can't really go wrong with a Passive Aggressive Mug. It's a gift that says " I see you. I understand your pain." But it also says "Now drink some coffee because we've got stuff to do!" Sometimes, the best coping strategy is to subtly spill a little tea while you're sipping your morning (or 2pm) coffee.


I Survived...

I Don't Give A Sip

I'm Not Even Listening

Can I Leave Now?

Is it Friday Yet?


Well that was fun. Clearly I'm not cut out for this. This list quickly devolved into mugs that I want to buy. This is not the type of blogger that I was meant to be, not even ironically. I kinda want to delete this. But I'm not going to, because i kinda put way too much time into it and I'm embarrassed. 

K. Bye.



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