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Brianna // [bree-ah-nuh] (n) Coffee Snob. |Millennial iPhone Photographer. |People Watcher.|Introvert. |Book Lover. |Detailed Note Taker. |Ball of Anxiety. |Lover of Glitter. |Good for Gluten-Free. |Highly Sensitive. |90% Vegetarian. | All-Heart

Most good things...

Most good things...

Most good things begin with awkward introductions, and my hope is that this is the beginning of a good thing, so...


I’m Bri.

  • That’s short for Brianna-Dara.

  • Which started as Brianna Dara-Nichelle, but sometimes we get to choose.

  • My favorite color is yellow, but I’m also really fond of a good blue-green, aqua, mint, maybe teal?

  • My favorite book is George Elliot’s Middlemarch. Yeah, I’m that girl.

  • I am a fiercely loyal person, sometimes to a fault.

  • If I were a kitchen appliance I'd probably be a hand mixer.

  • If I were an animal, I hope I'd be a bumble bee.

  • I really enjoy marshmallows and marshmallow flavored things.

  • I have a playlist of songs that I listen to every morning. They're tracked to my morning routine. It makes me feel like I live in a movie.

So what are you trying to do here?

Honestly, I’m not really sure, but I’m telling myself that that’s okay.

I don't really see myself as a writer, or a motivator, or anything along those lines. I'm an internal processor, and I write to process, yet I can’t even maintain a journal, but here I am starting a blog.

I’m someone who wants to love people and create cool things, and I guess this is where I’ve decided to do that.

So what am I supposed to do here? 

Okay, since we're friends now, I'll be honest with you, I don't really know. But instead of giving you reasons why you should join me on this journey, I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. I don’t really have anything worthwhile to say.

  2. I’m barely 27, what do I know?

  3. I haven’t really figured out what “my thing” is going be be yet, so there may be a coffee cake recipe one day and a lengthy feminist think piece the next.

  4. We don’t really need another “lifestyle blogger” or “millennial woman who writes poignant essays” floating around out there.

And for good measure, here’s one reason why you should:

I deeply value human connection and want to build a community and hope that you’ll be a part of it. 



Some days I’m Just A Sentient Ball of Emotion [On Anxiety]

Some days I’m Just A Sentient Ball of Emotion [On Anxiety]