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My Word of the Year

My Word of the Year

In December of 2012, I was introduced to the concept of choosing a word to guide the coming year. It's a simple practice that has had noticeable impact on who I am and how I live, which is something that I truly just find to be very cool. It's a practice that I've come to rely on and really live for and over the years, I've noticed that my words tend to line up with things that I've identified as my core values. Whether my values lead the words or if the words lead what I value, it's a practice that creates a unifying thread for the year, almost like a focal point that allows me to explore more deeply who I am and what matters to me.

I've chosen my word for 2018, but before we get to this year's word, lets review:

2013’s Graceful taught me to be kind to myself, and to give those around me the space to be fully themselves.

2014’s Hope showed me that our darkest moments are often punctuated by not a mourning of what could have been, but a keen awareness what could be.

2015’s Wonder allowed me to embrace the whimsical and the absurd, learning to move about the world in a state of amazement.

2016’s Process called for me to slow down and find respect for the messy middles. To sometimes sit in things, and enjoy the journey.

2017's  Connect challenged me to continue to explore the spaces in-between. Where things come together. With people, with ideas, with places.

In 2018, my word isn't a verb or an adjective (which based on how I process has been a little difficult) but that hasn't changed the energy and excitement that I'm feeling around this word. 2018 is my year of Body.

As I was discovering my word, I had a shortlist that involved words like "community", "trust", and "present". Body was actually only on that list because as I looked back of the highs and lows of 2017, and my goals for 2018 it was a word that came up a lot and I figured it might help me brainstorm. As i played with the other words on my list, added some, crossed out some, Body kept grabbing my attention. Then I realized that Body can actually mean all of the things that I was looking for, and then some. 

Noun: this is my body "The physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal."

Collective Noun: we are a body "An organized group of people with a common purpose or function."

Formal Verb: to body forth "Give material form to something abstract."

Descriptive Noun: it has body "Fullness and richness of flavor."

Body as my 2018 "theme" is also a bit of a challenge.  I'm by no means anti-body, I love bodies and think that generally we should celebrate and love them more. But if I'm honest, when it comes to my body, I'd have to admit that I'm not so excited and enthusiastic. In a lot of ways, my body has made my life difficult, so to spend a year thinking about the ways in which I can take better care of my body, learn to appreciate my body, dress and decorate my body in a way that feels true to myself, to find activities that will allow me to get me out of my head and back into my body.

This is about health, it's about body positivity, it's about being grateful for this vessel that allows my soul to be present and interact. This is going to be a really good year, I dare even say that I hope it has body.

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