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launguage, grammar, and other stress-y things [on perfection]

launguage, grammar, and other stress-y things [on perfection]

i'm a people pleaser. and a recovering perfectionist.

at the start of this project i made a commitment (to myself) that this would always be more about the feelings than the writing.
message over words.

for that reason, i proofread the posts, but no more than twice. i’ve also vowed not to go back and make changes once a post is scheduled or published. not even typos!

i also promised to use grammar and syntax at my own discretion. punctuation and emphasis to convey voice, not correctness. i'll put what i want where i want without regard for rules around how to use parentheses or quotation marks. what looks good? what feels good?

i place commas in sentences where i don’t REALLY need them, when i want to remind you to take a breath.
i don’t use them when i probably “should” because i want to make it very clear that this sentence represents one complete but totally overwhelming thought.

i make up words or give them new endings (see: the title of this post). if there isn’t a word that fits, i’d rather say something that's technically incorrect but gets at exactly what I mean. what good is a "correct" sentence that's not quite right.

the run ons. oh the run ons. in my academic writings i’ve always had a thing for long, grammatically correct, ideologically dense, sentences. but here? here i let my thoughts do as they wish; which sometimes means saying the same thing 3 ways and hoping one of them speaks to each of you. sometimes it means incomplete sentences that contain complete thoughts. only sometimes.


the spacing.
line breaks on line breaks on paragraph breaks on page breaks. 
sometimes taking a break is just the right thing to do.


i’m flexible with my capitalization. sometime i opt out all together.
i feel like that tells you more about what i mean more than my words alone.
sometimes i can’t handle the pressure of proper nouns and new sentences.
or won’t?

"well that's just semantics." they say.
"exactly." i say.

"but what about syntax?" they ask.
"what about it?" i ask.

when they want to sound fancy, cultured, and down to earth they will throw around the fact that 'grammar is meant to be descriptive not prescriptive'. but in the same breath they’ll tell you not to write like you speak because 'writing is forever'.

i’ll write how i feel then.

#the100dayproject: This is hard y'all.

#the100dayproject: This is hard y'all.

Well, maybe I'm not good enough... [On Rejection]

Well, maybe I'm not good enough... [On Rejection]