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I used to worship time...

In 2018, I've Challenged myself to do 52 things that scare me (avg 1/wk). So far, this has taken the shape of me saying "yes" to things that i'd typically not quite say no but would somehow would find a way not to do. 2018 is also a year of me choosing to be "all in". And while i'm still learning what that means, this week it meant, saying yes and showing up. This is a story I shared this week at Gilead Chicago. Now i'm sharing it with you.

Some days I’m Just A Sentient Ball of Emotion [On Anxiety]

I have a roommate (she's a wonderful human being who happens to be a singer/song-writer who creates what I like to call “strong feeling music”. I have strong feelings. We make sense.) For the sake of this story, we'll call her "M". NOTE: This isn't some weird anonymity thing, it's more about ethics and if I'm honest, an aesthetically pleasing dialogue format