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I mean, who are you really?

Sometimes, it feels like I'm trapped in a narrative that doesn't quite feel like mine, and let me tell you that its exhausting trying to live up to an idealized version of yourself. To feel like I need to justify my decisions and behaviors because they're "not characteristic of me", or to feel pressure to explain myself to people because who I actually am doesn't quite fit their understanding of who I should be? Exhausting! 

But, it's not that easy...

I didn't forget about this space. I've actually been thinking about it a lot. There's also been a lot going on that I've needed to process elsewhere, in other ways. My life looks pretty different today than it did when we spoke last. As stressful, and painful, and confusing as this process has been, I'm grateful for it. I'm not being vague for no reason, I just think that there are many ways that I could tell that story, and if I'm going to so it, I need to make sure that I do it well. 

But why are we here today? We're half way through 2018, and I have a confession to make.