📷:  Mat Schramm

Rosé & Rose Gold.

20-something | INFJ | type-a- | 2w1
internal processor. 
interfaithy feminist humanist. 
spiritual. religious. both and neither.
when it's done right, church is dope.
lover of people. 
sunshine enthusiast.
hot tea. 
cold coffee. 

Wild & Wonderful.

i say y'all.

i once dropped my iPhone in a porta-potty. 

i have an ever-present fear of falling down stairs.

I'm ambidextrous, left dominant, but I can write with my right hand. 

I process things by writing them down.

i self identify as a little bit extra. 

i really enjoy the sound of human beings imitating air horns.

I like to think of my life as a perpetual dance party, we live in the interludes. 

I write personal essays... Sort of. The feelings are always real. The narrative... the details... may or may

I like bourbon... a lot.